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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Gained Five Pounds!!!

Hi, everyone! Please forgive my shameless attempt at sensationalism...but I was trying to get your attention.

Umm....well, did it work?

Because according to the new scale that I just bought, I have gained five least.

I'm pretty sure the new scale isn't off. It was the old scale that was off. Some of you new bloggers won't know much about my old scale. But I have a little picture here to show you how cheap of a scale it is. And dirty and gross looking...that too.

The picture that you see here of the old scale is a "close-up". And even if you look really, really's hard to tell what actual number the little needle is on, unless of course it's on a say...20, 30, or 40. And the problem with the old scale, is that once I stand on the scale, I am further away from the numbers...which makes them look even tinier.

Now if my two- year old here could read, this little scale would be perfect for him, because he's closer to the numbers. And, also, let's face it, his feet look way cuter on this scale than my feet do. He's such a good model.

The other problem with the old scale, is that I had to "zero" it out by physically adjusting a little lever underneath it every time I stepped on fact, I usually just ended up taking the average of several readings to get a true weight.

And it still wasn't a true weight.

But, who was I kidding? I knew the scale was weighing me on the lighter side. Yes, folks, that's right. For the past 32 weeks, I have been living in delusion. Unwilling to face my true weight.

And, oddly enough, despite all that, I've lost 35 pounds...I think. Ha, ha. Ok, admit it, that was funny.

But, how does someone as dedicated to losing weight, eating right and staying in delusion for so long? Why couldn't I just break the bank a little and go get a new scale? I mean this new one I bought at Wal Mart only cost $18.

Well, I think a part of me wanted to believe the lower weight. It made me feel like I wasn't as far gone as I really was. It gave me the hope that I was closer to the goal than I really was.

Have you ever heard of the story of the boy who was given a sword? His friends, as part of playing a practical joke on him told him it was magic, and he could never lose a battle with it. Of course it wasn't true, but he believed it and he went on to win every battle he entered. When his friends finally told him the truth, he never picked up that sword again.

Was this old scale my magic sword? I think so. I felt like it gave me the edge. I felt like I had some wiggle room with the "zero-ing" in lever.

But I have finally faced the truth. I actually faced it a few days ago. It was a little tough at first. I didn't want to step on the scale. But after I did, it explained a lot.

It explained why several pounds ago, my jeans didn't fit the way they should have at that weight.

But, unlike that kid with the sword...I did step on my new scale again. And again. And again.

In fact, I now feel empowered knowing my true weight. I don't need magic any more. I know I can lose this weight without a magic scale. After 32 weeks I feel like I've figured some things out and I can face the truth. I've realized that all this time, it was really "me" losing the weight and not the scale after all.

So, even though I'm technically three pounds off my goal weight. I feel as though I've made it there.

Because now when I step on the scale, I'm not afraid of the number I see.

And isn't that what we're all striving for?

Well, it's Friday folks! Hope you're all having a good one!!


  1. Big big hugs babe, both for yesterdays post and todays! I'm absolutely with you about the sugary foods that you mentioned yesterday! For me, it's a struggle at work to avoid them because I know exactly what's there and how easy it is to snag a few pieces from my desk... then a few more. Sugar is kind of a crazy-maker for me.

    Those are some cute little feet modeling your scale. Don't sweat the weight. This journey is more about being healthy than about seeing that magical # on the scale.

    Oh, and I wanted to make sure I let you know that I did not mind AT ALL about hearing that your big food masterpiece involved meat! Just because I'm veggie doesn't mean that I judge anybody who eats meat, and I'm very happy for you that your hubby loved your turkey so much! T-Day is a big challenging meal to pull off.

  2. that's the trouble with scales - they are all a teeny bit off from each other it seems. however, you still lost the weight! that's the most important part. it's not about some final number - it's about how great you look! (and how healthy you are, of course) :)

    my scale gives you a lower number if you lean a little more to the right ;)

  3. I feel for you! I got a new scale for Christmas and it was 4 pounds higher than my old one.

  4. It's JUST a number! Remember that.....whatever the new number is, it's still 20 lbs in 10 weeks less than it was before.......!

  5. Maybe your old scale wasn't as off as you think. You've been blogging about eating more sugar-y treats since Valentine's may just be retaining some water from all the carbohydrates. I bet your new scale as you at goal before you know it!

  6. Stupid scale! Wow, that new one looks pretty fancy. I would love to get a newer one like that. Well, at least now that you have a real one, you will truly know where you stand. (Pun intended!)

  7. Oh, the baby toes! Cute!

    That's a pretty cool looking new scale. Is it one of those that calculates body fat? (How do they DO that, anyway?)

  8. Hahaha what a mess! Well your new scale looks like a winner and knowing you- it will show you those 3lbs are gone in no time :)

  9. Ugh that sucks! I know we are "supposed" to believe it is JUST a number but that number can either make you feel great or bring you down IF you let it...

    and dude that scale was ooooooold! lol

    I love the baby feet! too cute

  10. That is one fancy new scale!!! I love it...and it will be kind to you soon! I trust that the old scale is in the trash, where it belongs! :)

  11. ACK!!!! GASP!!! NOOOOOO!!!!

    You have such a contagious outlook about it tho, girl! I have to tell ya I would have been just bummed as all get out!! A big ol' blubbering baby on the floor, I just know it!

    Love your new scale tho... even it if is 5 lbs. heavier....