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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

About That Bismark...

Hi y'all!
A few of you have asked me about this here chocolate covered cream filled bismark.
Let's just just take a minute to appreciate how simply delicious this baby looks.
Look at that flaky outside baked to raised perfection, topped with creamy chocolate and drizzled with white icing. But the real treasure is hidden inside... rich thick cream. I do believe it might be the cream the bakery uses for it's cake.
Well, the mystery of what the inside of this doughnut looks like will be revealed soon.
I have waited a long, long time to share this chocolate covered cream filled bismark with you guys. Heck, by the time I eat this thing, it will have been over 32 weeks that I've had one.
So, let's see...32 weeks is like...eight months? That's about how long it takes to grow a baby inside me.
And, let's be real here. It's not like I haven't cheated and eaten bad food on this 32 week journey. I have. I've eaten movie theatre popcorn, a few boxes of raisinets, ice cream, Pepsi, an awesome tasting chocolate raspberry scone, (that brings back fond memories) white asiago bread, peanut butter on graham crackers...and let's not forget my hang-up with the Reeses Puffs.
With all those calories that I spent eating the above mentioned "bad" food, I could have easily eaten several of these chocolate covered cream filled bismarks.
But I didn't.
Because this doughnut is special.
It's kind of like waiting for that special right person to come into your life, to fall in love with and marry.
That kind of special.
You don't find doughnuts like this every day. It's a special bakery that can craft this kind of goodness.
This doughnut deserved to be waited for.
So, I have waited... patiently.
Now....I will be eating this doughnut on the very holiday meant for love.
Valentine's Day.
Would you all like to see it happen?
I'll see if I can hook you up.
In the meantime, thank you again for visiting me and leaving your encouraging words. I appreciate you all!
Sunshine Mama


  1. So a Bismark is an eclair?

    I hope it's as good as you remember or better yet, I hope it's too sweet and you realize you don't miss them. :-)

  2. I'm betting your taste buds will have changed and it won't taste as you remember:o)

    I will be very interested to hear about it.

  3. Is it okay to both like you and hate you! LOL

    JK...a well deserved treat. And as you've indicated it is more or less symbolic rather than the specific make up of calories that it is.

  4. I'd rather eat a big steak than that hunk of fried dough, but we are ALL different! :)

    You have to video yourself eating this and post it. Lots of grunts, groans and enjoyment. Make us laugh!!!!

  5. First of all, you know me so well. Of course I have Funfetti on the shelves for emergencies. I never make it anymore. I have been running more than ever on the treadmill downstairs. With all this snow, I need something to get up, get me out, and keep me going. I live for these runs now. My distance is growing, my pace is quickening, and I have found my rhythm. Your blog has helped inspire me on the days I haven't wanted to set foot anywhere near a gym! Just want you to know that I appreciate you sharing all your hard work with us. However, 1 week from today, I will be devouring some warm Funfetti made for me by my husband for my birthday! I will NOT feel guilty. I hope you do not feel guilty either for your Valentine's Bismark!

  6. I can't wait for you to eat this bismark! Goal achieved! I have a question, when you were having perfect days in a row, since you weighed yourself every day, did you ever gain? I mean I know I just started getting really serious and this is only my 4th perfect day I am working on but I have taken your advice to weigh myself everyday and have gone 135.5-133-134-134.5. Confusing? I have had an over 1,000 calorie deficit and worked out 1-2 hours each day. I am a little confused and since you are used to seeing daily fluctuations I was wondering if this happened to you ever.

  7. I hope it is as good as you remember! You've earned it!

  8. mmmm. i hope it is a delicious reward, but not too delicious that you slippery slope off your clean eating!

    i noticed today that going m&m free for the month makes me crave sweets in general less. not altogether, but less. i'm gonna have to find a balance - i can't go forever w/o my m&m's!

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