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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday SunshineMeg!!!!



SunshineMeg's birthday is on Wednesday, February 17th!!

She'll be 25 years old. She doesn't check my blog until 5:00 a.m., so if you read this tonight, go and surprise her with some happy birthday wishes.

Devoting this entire post to SunshineMeg-dom will probably be my easiest and funn-est post to write all year.

Let me tell you a little about SunshineMeg.

I first found her when I went and visited someone else's blog. I noticed the name Sunshine and immediately went to her sight. After her name drew me in, it was her funny, quirky, off-the-wall topics that she blogged about that kept me coming back.

SunshineMeg is like her name. She's a burst of sunshine that brightens up your day. She always posts these funny blooper videos that totally get me laughing. When I'm watching one of her videos and the kids are around, they will all crowd around the computer to laugh with me. She always comes up with the craziest, funny pictures too.

Before I started this diet blog, Sunshine Meg followed our family blog. When I mentioned that I wanted to start a diet blog, she supported the idea and began following this diet blog too. So, even though she's busy with a new husband, and a new, challenging job, and over 300 followers, she still finds time to check up on both my blogs.

Sunshinemeg loves to encourage and lift you up. Her comments are always positive, not to mention funny.

Once when I ran a half-marathon last year, she drew up a little "Good Luck" sign to wish me well in my race.

So, for her birthday, I rounded up the kids and had them make her some birthday cards. Our oldest son, 7-year-old, Dandy Lion, took the bull by the horns and immediately set to work making his special card for SunshineMeg. When the other kids saw what their older brother was doing, they followed suit and were soon busy coloring and writing away to make cards for SunshineMeg too.

So, here's a little virtual Happy Birthday, SunshineMeg, to kick off your 25th year. I hope this post brightens your day...the same way you brighten all of ours!!

If you would like to see more of our children's drawings for SunshineMeg, stop in to visit our family blog at

SunshineMeg is located at

Thanks for stopping by everyone, hope you're all having a good week!


  1. Aww, sweet lil boy :)

    Happy birthday Sunshine Meg! Hope the quarter century treats you well!!

  2. Ahhhh! What a FABULOUS SURPRISE! That is the most super amazing birthday card I have ever seen. Please make sure and tell all your kids that it means the world to me. I think I see some fish on Dandy Lion's card and I just so happen to draw fish the same exact way! Ha!

    Aww, Sunshine Mama, you shouldn't have. Almost got me all teared up. I love following your blogs and absolutely love your writing, not to mention your precious family. I just think you are something special and am so glad we "know" each other through our blogs! Behold the power of blogging = )

    Your kind words have jump started this 5am wake up call with a jolt! I am ready to have a great day. Thanks again for all you do and the constant suppport.

    THANK YOU!!!!

  3. How funny. I found your blog through Sunshinemeg and always thought the two of you were related.

    I will go wish her a fabulous 25th birthday now.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my thread....UFOs's the bain of my existance!!!! I've decided to catch a few of them and finish them off....and I even selected a few to share with a friend (ie invade her house with them!).

    Other UFOs: Uninvited unFit Omentum....that would be my mid section!

    And yes, hauling water is definitely a workout when it takes about 20 minutes back and forth through and over a snow bank!

    What do you do as your workouts? Where did you start, where are you now. If you could, tell me cardio vs strength. Tks!

  5. this was such a nice 'shoutout' :) happy belated birthday sunshinemeg!!