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Friday, February 12, 2010

Bolivian Bomb Pops And Another 5K

Many of you may know by now how I absolutely love bomb pops.

Blue Bunny Bomb Pops that is.

At 40 calories a piece, they are not only good for Sunshine Mama to eat, but they are also the perfect low calorie treat for our children.

Two of the flavors I will get is the Jolly Rancher flavor (pictured right) and the red, white and blue, original bomb pop flavors of cherry, vanilla and blue raspberry.

Tonight at dinner, our 7-year-old was eating the Jolly Rancher flavor when he announces,

"I like the American Bomb Pops."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because we are NOT from Bolivia!

"Bolivia? Why do you say that?"

Adamantly he answers,

"Because I looked at the colors and they are Bolivia colors. You should be glad you are not from Bolivia!"

The colors of the Jolly Rancher bomb pops correspond with their flavors: red for watermelon, yellow for lemon and green for green apple (my favorite color by the way).

Curious about this bit of trivia that apparently our 7-year-old was aware of yet I wasn't...I went online and punched in "Bolivian flag colors". Sure enough the colors of the Jolly Rancher bomb pop are the same exact colors in the same exact order as the colors of the Bolovian flag.

What the heck?!? I thought to myself, all the while smiling and shaking my head.

We have a world map attached to the hallway wall in our home. Below the map in tiny little squares are up to 100 flags of different countries, that apparently our child has spent time studying.

So, I said to him, "Do you always look at the flags?"

His answer is sooo 7-ish. He says,

"Of course! I'm trying to find Germany and I haven't found it yet!"

"Why Germany?"

"Because I want to make sure Germany is actually on the map."

I'm sure the next question you wonderful blogger friends are asking yourself is this. "Why is our son so interested in Germany?"

That would be his daddy, Daddy Rainmaker, who is a world war II book of knowledge. Not only does my husband have an extensive WWII library, but he (and his son) get into playing WWII computer games.

So, there you go...Bolivian bomb pops! How uncanny.

In other news, I will be competing in another 5K race tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. Lately the morning temperatures have been hovering right around zero degrees, and then climbing to about 25 degrees for a high in the afternoon. So, I'm planning for zero.

My pregnant sister-in-law who is around 2o weeks pregnant will also be running, but will be more interested in completing her run safely versus trying to get a fast time. And me? Well, I haven't been doing any speed work-outs of late, but I will do my best to run as fast as I can. Maybe I can get close to my 22:26 from December when I fell down.

Yeah, the weekend is upon us folks! Hope you are all enjoying it!

Sunshine Mama


  1. NO falling down this time!!! Have fun and do well.

  2. I love it. Bolivian bomb pops! Enjoy your race!

  3. That is an adorable story! How creative and how cool is it that your 7-year-old knows that?!

    I hope your 5k goes great! Watch for ice and just have some fun! Are you ready for your big day tomorrow?! I mean doughnut day of course! Hope your family has a great Valentine's Day too. Our Valentine's plans got put on hold. Greg's work has been in crisis mode from the snow and he has to go help businesses get all that snow off their roofs this weekend. Cave ins have been happening all over the state. Little disappointed, but so proud he is helping people.

    I am headed to the gym in a bit and hoping to have a good long run today. Let us know how you and your sister in law do! (And can I just say props to her for running at 20 weeks!!! ) That is very cool.

    My birthday is Feb. 17th = )

  4. Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog.

    Bolivian bomp pops! That kid is hilarious.

  5. Omg so cute. That is so innocent and sweet. My daughter is 18 months and I'm already shaking my head and smiling at amazing things she does. Obviously, it only gets better! Go Bolivia Pops :)

  6. your son is too cute!!!!! And SMART =)

  7. adorable, and smart! glad you are still on the bomb pop kick. ;)