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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not To Belabor The Bismark, But...

I was actually going to write tonight's post about how much I absolutely love my salads.
Really I was.
I didn't want everyone thinking that the only thing I ever think about is cream filled chocolate covered bismarks. That, in fact, every day I really, really look forward to eating my big spinach salads topped with cucumbers, green peppers, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and a tablespoon of Newman's Own Vinegar and Olive Oil dressing.
It's to the point now where I think I want to live with a couple of these big wonderful salads every day of my life.
And the grapefruit?
How can I live my life without grapefruit? ... now, that I've grown to savor every succulent bite of it?
And now, that I've gotten into cooking my chicken fresh every day? And then, trying out a new spice. I just love my new eating routine.
What's happening to me?
But, some of your comments about that last post got me to thinking a little bit more about this upcoming bismark treat.
You see...I had thought that I would only eat, at most, half of it...maybe a quarter of it. But what if I get into it after a few bites, and I want to eat the whole thing?
You guys told me not to feel guilty about eating this treat.
And just so you know, Dawn, I do plan on having steak on Sunday too. I'm not usually a steak person...but for some reason I've been craving a nice juicy fillet with a boat load of steamed veggies on the side and then a nice big salad. I'm really liking vegetables these days.
Anyway, I digress...
So, I've decided that I probably will not be able to combat all the damage a big, because this is a good sized doughnut, doughnut will have on my very cleaned up digestive system.
But, I can do a little damage control by eating, for example, fewer carbohydrates on my other meals, and then perhaps slipping in a five mile run.
This whole doughnut thing also has me thinking about future treats. You have probably all been wondering how Sunshine Mama will be able to sustain such a strict diet for a long period of time. But, honestly, after being on this diet for four weeks, I can see that I like it. Why can't I eat more whole foods all the time?
Why can't I expand my "whole foods" horizon and start eating quinoa?
Ok, I've never had that, but I read about it today, and is sounds like something I would like to try.
But, I was thinking how maybe I can pick out one treat that I want to have for the week and eat it. So, this's the doughnut.
Next week...maybe it could be some chocolate that I'm pretty sure my husband is going to give me for Valentine's Day. That way... I have a treat to look forward to at the end of the week...but I'm not ruining my tastebuds with day in and day out sugar and white flour foods.
I really like how my body craves such delicious whole foods. I love how the taste of everything has been enhanced because my tongue isn't coated with something that blinds my tastebuds to its original flavor.
So...not to belabor the bismark...but I guess I just had to get that out. I promise I'll talk about something different tomorrow.
And, hey, by the way it's almost the weekend! Anyone got any fun Valentine's Day plans or just plain fun plans?
I hope you're having a good one!
Sunshine Mama


  1. I love the idea of trying new spices all the time. Spices can (no pun intended) really "spice" up a meal! Enjoy your doughnut, but make sure you are doing what you are comfortable with. If you can only eat half, that's okay. Don't feel like you have to gobble it all up for us. Butttt if you did gobble it all up - I for one for understand.

    Did you know your husband stopped by Sunshinemeg?!? I was shocked. What an awesome surprise. He told me that it is time to let the snow go and believe me, I want to! I am so sick of seeing white. I think when spring comes and I actually see green again, I might be too excited to handle it.

    I appreciate your support Sunshine family! You guys brighten up my days. Thanks!

  2. Okay Sunshinemeg...I am jealous!!!??? Daddy Rainmaker gave you some next Daddy? Bad news... I had never heard of the Vikings until I started reading your posts. I've never watched the Super Bowl, not once in my life. Now, if we talk Stanley Cup, that would be a different story! Steak and a bismark? That's quite the week!?! I can't wait to see the bismark video!?!?!

    I totally get the discovering new favourite foods things. When my weekly "Freedom" Day rolls around, I usually end up eating a big salad, because I'd miss it! Everything about eating healthily just feels better...with the occasional bismark treat! :) I'm not sure what my bismark is...I'll have to think about it.

  3. I completely understand where you are coming from on this!

    I've noticed that on weeks when we have off plan items that it is twice as hard to get back on plan afterwards. You wouldn't think a taste here or there could make a difference but it really can.
    For me, I can still eat really good dark chocolate without any problems. Of course, I'm only eating a few bites because that 72% stuff is really, really dark (but oh so good but I have no sugar issues or cravings afterwards.
    Now, if I have something fried...crazy things happen. I crave it for weeks afterwards & I find myself unsatisfied by my usual foods - my big salads, my smoothies, etc...
    So, yeah, I understand the trepidation about the
    You know, in the end it is really all about what you want. Do you *really* want that now or are you holding on because it is what you chose as a reward weeks ago?
    Maybe you'd be happier with a non-food reward this time around? Only you know what is best for you!

    Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend!

  4. Thanks for the post on my blog! Wow, reading this makes me feel that I can succeed! I know and love Syl and have been with her through her WW days early on.......she's such an inspiration, and I'm still making excuses!

    Tonight, after work, after volleyball, I'm going to find myself a nice book that I can use for my tracker - thoughts, photos, inspirations......I'm definitely going to include your posts in my journey -

    ....and I LOVE your name too!

  5. I REALLY like that idea of having something to look forward at the end of the week, not going overboard but still knowing its there. I might try that once I get to goal weight... which will probably be maybe around May or June. I don't know why I have the number 118 in my head but it just sounds right (it sounds kind of low but I am pretty darn short!). I was walking back from the gym today thinking about when I reach goal how to not gain again and I think that sounds like a sure way because your not deprived but your not overdoing it either.