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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Smell Of Cake

17 weeks of 20 weeks

weight today: same

total lost: 8 pounds in 17 weeks


post workout:
1/3 cup of oatmeal: 100
6 egg whites: 96
1/2 grapefruit: 40
running total 321

3 1/2 oz chicken breast: 122
4 oz tomato:40
3 egg whites: 48
total: 210
running total: 531

2 cups of spinach: 10
cucumber: 6
green peppers: 10
carrot pieces: 10
1 tbl of Newman's Own vinegar and oil dressing: 75
5 oz chicken breast: 175
total: 286
running total: 817

chocolate protein shake: 110
running total: 917

5 oz chicken breast: 175
2 cups of spinach: 10
green peppers: 10
1 tbl of Newman's Own vinegar and oil dressing:75
total: 286
running total: 1,203

4 egg whites: 64
1/2 cup of green peppers: 10
1/2 cup of celery: 10
1/2 cup of brown rice: 85
total: 169
running total: 1,373

Today's victory: I stayed on plan again. We celebrated my husband's birthday today with cake, tacos and ice cream and I didn't indulge.

Actual fitness: 60 minute biceps and back work-out, preceded by push-ups in sets of 25, 29, 25, 25, 36 for a total of 140.

Note on picture: The family had cupcakes for my husband's birthday. Hmm...purple sprinkles topped with little footballs. I wonder what that signifies...Brett Farve and his Vikings perhaps.

The Smell Of Cake

I wonder if I would have eaten some of this cake if I didn't happen to start this really strict diet yesterday. Doesn't it look soooo good? And it tasted very good I'm sure.

I took infinite pleasure in taking this photo and even more enjoyment in editing it. It just looks so pretty sitting there.

Unfortunately, the affect it has on our bodies is not pretty. Actually it's far from pretty. Certainly when you take into consideration that if I don't restrain myself, I will want to have more than just one cupcake.

When I picked these up at the store today, I got a package that happened to have exactly six cupcakes. One for each of the family member that was going to eat cake in celebration of dad's birthday. As it happens, one of the kid's, our 14-year-old daughter, wasn't interested in her cupcake. So, that means just one more for my husband.

I found it interesting and amazing that she didn't want it. I think perhaps the frosting was too rich. But I think this is a good sign that she has somehow developed a healthy eating habit by not feeling compelled to eat something sweet just because it's there. Make no mistake about it, she definitely has an appetite because she is a growing girl, and does a lot during her long school day...but she looks at food with a certain air of "pick-i-ness".

Anyway, it was interesting.

Throughout this second day of no snacking, I kept having the urge to snack. For example, after I would give my son a piece of graham cracker...and a bit of it would crack off...I had this compulsive urge to just eat it. I mentally had to stop myself.

As I was giving the family their cupcakes, frosting kept getting on my fingers. I could smell it. smelled so good. There were two separate smells...the frosting which had a heavy sugary smell and the cake itself...which was lighter...and also wonderful.

But one time I actually did put a very tiny bit of frosting in my mouth. Like a speck.

"Really, Sunshine Mama, a whole speck?"

"Yes, a speck. I don't think you could count it; it was so small. It'd be like the wind blowing an errant piece of floating sugar in my mouth."

But eventually I had to take to using napkins and towels to wipe the frosting off my fingers that kept getting on me...and the ice cream too. That in itself was a strange practice because I'm sure I probably would normally just lick my fingers off. Eventually I even had to throw away some cake because some of the kids didn't eat all of their cake.

I'm so determined to stick to this new diet plan that I feel like I have this little bubble around me from the outside "food world".

So, I hope you don't mind another "bad food" picture. I just love taking them.

Meanwhile, as hard as I tried to get them clean, the kids still smelled like cake when I kissed them good night.


  1. You know this is a sensitive subject for me... CAKE! However would you believe it doesn't tempt me as much as it used to? Yes, I think Darling Rose and I have something in common. Lately I have been thinking more about what I put in my body. It seems like when you get busy in your life, you look for convience. At least, that's what I do. Quick, easy food is not always healthy. I need food that gives me energy and help fuels my day. Although I love cake, it doesn't really provide much energy. Go figure.

    My birthday is coming February and you best believe I will put down some cake!

    I like the footballs and Viking sprinkles.

  2. Hahaha I love your determination and your humor! You're gonna make this happen girl!

  3. you do what I do, every time my daughter eats something, something winds up in my mouth too! I have to stop it, you have amazing control! I wish I could be you!

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