Join Me For Another 10 Weeks! This is the first week of ten weeks starting October 22, 2012

Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 3 of Week 1 Are You Ready To Lose Weight?

Welcome to the first day of Sunshine Mama's diet and weight loss blog. I've decided to keep this blog to let those who are interested see what I do to lose weight.

In the last eight years, I've had four children. After each child, I've had to lose at least 40 pounds to get down to my desirable weight. So, that computes to 160 pounds that I've spent time losing. But for me, not only do I want to lose the weight, I want to become stronger and fitter. I want to be as sleek as I can possibly be. Don't we all right? But, I'm pretty determined and I feel like I've been pretty successful.

I can, with confidence, tell you...that if you follow this plan, you too can expect similar results.

There is a lot of things I can share with you all about what I do. But first things first. The critical key to making your diet successful is to keep a food diary. Those who keep a food diary lose more weight than those who don't. It's indisputable. So, everyday I will share with you my food diary.

Tomorrow, I will tell you more about how to create a food diary that will increase your chances of success.

The second critical piece to successful weight loss is your emotional place in your life right now. Doing this diet takes a lot of work. Sometimes, your not in the right mind frame to stick to it. For me, the right mind frame usually involves disgust with my present body image. Disgust starts it and successful weight loss and increased feelings of well-being propel it. Also, sometimes you think your ready, but then something happens to derail it.

Don't give up...your getting closer to getting to where you can do it. And you can do it.

But for now...what I ate today:
1/2 cup of oatmeal: 150
2 tsp of sugar: 30
1/3 cup of 1% milk: 36
coffee with 1 tabl of sugar:45
1 tbl of powder creamer: 30
1 nilla wafer:16
1 cracker:15
protein shake:120
lefse: 120
two large eggs:160
cheese piece: 25 (estimat.)
peanut butter:25 (estimate)
coffee (same as above): 75
protein shake with banana: 120+60= 180
three nilla wafers: 45
five oz. of mashed potatoes:110
two tsp of lite butter:30
two tsp of lite sour creme:12
3 1/2 oz of chicken:136
1 tsp of bacon ranch dressing:23
coffee with powder creamer and sweetner: 30
1/2 cup of Blue Bunny Lite Bunny Tracks: 150


Weight lifted my legs today for 1 hour
Abdominal workout
1 1/2 mile run

My caloric goal is 1400 calories. However, when I first start out, it make take a week for me to figure out how to keep my calories at that level. Also, I may adjust my calorie levels depending on how many calories I'm burning when I work out.

A note for those who look at this excercise routine and becomes overwhelmed at the idea of doing what I'm doing. I have worked up to this level and so this where I am at.

But after three out of four of my pregnancies, I had to start at ground zero. After Dandy Lion was born. I started running for six minutes three times a week on the treadmill and each week added two minutes.

With stavesacre, I started my exercise program by first walking up to an hour, doing abdominals and weight training.

Even if you do not exercise at first, you will still lose weight. Eventually you will want to, for that is another key in what I do to regain my figure.

If your interested in engaging in a weight loss program with me, you can start now or maybe next week after you've read a little bit about what you need to set yourself up to be as successful as possible.

This is my first official week counting calories. I anticipate being 20 pounds less in 10 weeks. I have already loss two pounds since I weighed myself Monday morning.

Like I've mentioned before, I will generally lose about five pounds in the first week of calorie counting, and then it tapers off to two pounds a week.


  1. "I refuse to believe that I can't look spectatular."

    You silly already DO!

  2. Thanks. I hope that doesn't sound bad, I just want everyone to believe that they can look spectacular too.

  3. wow it takes me a lot longer to reach the first 5 lbs - a week that is awesome! good luck in the process and getting yourself 'back on track'. hopefully you will help motivate me to stay on track and quit taking detours :)

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