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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Victory...Packers are Superbowl Champs!

Good Monday morning folks!

Allow me to interrupt my regularly scheduled programming to make this special blog post:
The Green bay Packers are Super bowl Champions and last night they brought the Vince Lombardi Trophy home. As a Wisconsin native, I watched their last Superbowl win 13 years ago.

So, this is what is hanging on our front window this morning... as it was hanging there all day yesterday. The strangest most interesting thing happened in our neighborhood last night after the win. Here we are in the middle of winter...and all around you....houses down the could hear people getting out of there homes and hooting and hollering...and calling to each other.

What drives people to desire to celebrate with each other after a victory?
Daddy Rainmaker grabbed the fireworks from last summer...

And lit them...

And they lit the sky!
I heard a woman from across the alley...hooting and hollering
And what must have been her young son calling out, yelling out
"If anyone is listening...and they're a Packer Fan...yell back!!"
Of course I hooted back!
Then more people hooted...
Dandy Lion hooted.
Darling Rose hooted.
She assisted with more fireworks!

It was exciting!
As I write this, Daddy Rainmaker is downstairs watching clips from last night's game and trying to decide which plays they should make posters out of. Ha, Ha!
Oh, and his voice is hoarse from all the yelling.
Hope you're all having a good one!

Sunshine Mama


  1. Looks like you all had so much fun yesterday!

    ...and for some reason, my comment on Morning Glory's latest Canadian photos didn't post - WTG! Gotta love his outfit!

  2. Go Pack Go
    Go Pack Go
    Go Pack Go

    I'm so excited!!!! I am proud of the way our boys played. Rodgers stayed calm and collected during the entire game. His passes were sharp and the team had their A game! Greg was jumping up and down and cheering the whole night. I love that you guys had fireworks and that the neighbors all came out. I told Greg this story and he said he couldn't even imagine what the whole state was like! He's watched a ton of coverage since the game like Daddy Rainmaker. Boys will be boys! Although it's nice to get some good talk about our team.

    Time for baseball season!

  3. Hold on with the baseball season SunshineMeg let's bask in the after glow a little :). THere was so much noise coming from downtown on Sunday night,hooting,howlering and celebration which is over a 1 1/4 mi' away and so me and Sunshine Mama decided to go down and see what the big deal was. Sunshine Mama got carded going into a place.... Hee hee. I just keep watching the reruns of Nfl network and sportscenter I just couldn't get enough....Ok now basesball season. Your friend Daddy Rainmaker