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Friday, July 2, 2010

Fantasy Food Friday...Tom Thumb Donuts and Funnel Cakes

Hi folks!

Welcome to Fantasy Food Friday where I talk about food that I fantasize about but shouldn't necessarily be eating. In tonight's edition these foods are a big, big "no, no", but they are what I fantasize about all year long. Then I wait until our town's local fourth of July celebration to fulfill my fantasies.

Well, after doing some research on the world wide web tonight...I now have a more accurate picture of just how calorie laden my fantasy foods are.

Before I looked online, I thought Tom Thumb donuts was a local secret. I was completely wrong on that perception. Here is what a typical Tom Thumb donut stand looks like.
I visited their website just for the fun of it, and was entertained by the six little donuts that followed the movements of my mouse throughout the visit. You should try it. Not a single calorie in it. Ha, Ha!!

Anyway, here's part of the process of making these donuts. They do it right in front of you.

There are 16 donuts to a bag, which if I recall costs about $4. You can get more bags in which case the price gets reduced.

I really like this really captures how wonderful they really do look and taste.
Oh, and I found out the calorie content of a little bag...
500 calories. For some reason I was expecting more.
Maybe I could buy a bag and have two and give each of our family members two.
That almost takes care of the entire bag.
Then, there's my next fantasy that is even worse than the donuts.
Funnel cakes!
But I don't eat them just plain like this.
That is absolutely no fun.
Especially when they come with all different toppings.
My favorite is the cherry topping. many calories do you think one of these bad boys are?
Any guesses.
Well, with it plain, it's around 760 calories.
Dressed up it has to be maybe 125 calories or so more...
So, about 900 calories?
For one?
So, yah...that's nice to know now before going down to the fest grounds this weekend.
I think if I do this, I'll definitely have to split it up with my family.
Good thing I have a large family. Ha! Ha!
So what about you all?
Is it the fried fest foods you like or is it something else?
And I have to know, has anyone tried any unusual deep fried fest foods?
Well, on that note, I'm so glad it's July 4th weekend.
I hope you all relax and enjoy yourself!
Sunshine Mama


  1. I couldn't get any donuts to follow know you are unloved when a donut won't even follow you!

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  2. I'm back...*says in sheepish voice* Been lurking but too chicken to post as I'm guilty of slacking! Love following your pregnancy and all the happenings around here! :)

  3. Funnel cakes...yum! In my husband's Mennonite tradition, they prepare "roll kuchen and watermelon" in the summer. They are the entire meal and they are basically fried dough, that you sprinkle with icing sugar or corn syrup and you eat a hunk of watermelon beside it. It's so weird. That's his summer food fantasy - forget only Fridays!

  4. mmm funnel cakes. never knew they were so awful with 700 cals! at least i rarely get one? (/shouldn't eat one anyway b/c they probably fry it in vegetable oil which i'm allergic to).
    those donuts don't sound too bad - 500 for the whole bag? splitting up sounds totally doable

  5. Wow this is on FFF that I agree on with you totally.. I love everything you posted. Funnel cakes are the best. Now I want some.

  6. Oh my! Those look delicious!!! :D

    I want a funnel cake! :(